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How to buy furniture

Steel wood furniture selection

When selecting, high-grade steel wood furniture should have the following conditions: 1, high-grade finish, using hot stamping, electroplating and other processes. 2, the use of advanced materials, such as copper alloy, or imported steel, iron and other high-quality plates. 3, processing is fine, no scratches, pits, no skin peeling, cracks, no corners, scratches, electroplating defects, processing uniformity, natural and so on.

Metal furniture selection

The chrome surface of the metal furniture should be fresh and bright, and the paint or paint should have a uniform color, a rich film, no rust, no scratches, no peeling, no pits.

The joints should be flat, no open welds, no leaks, no marks, and no cracks or pits in the plating. Elliptically rounded and wrinkle-free. The fixed parts should be firm; the rivets and nails at the joints should be smooth and flat, free of burrs, no bruises, and no loose screws. Wooden parts such as plywood or composite surfaces combined with metal furniture should be flat, without degumming, and without blistering. If coated with artificial leather, it should be free from scratches, pollution, wrinkles, and cracks.

Glass furniture selection

When choosing glass furniture, be sure to use tempered glass, because its bearing capacity is much higher than ordinary glass, 6 mm thick tempered glass even if people sit on it anyway, and it is not afraid of hot scalding, its debris without sharp corners, will not scratch people.

Plastic furniture choice

The following points should be noted when selecting:

1. Plastic products are prone to ageing, so the natural lifespan of plastic furniture is shorter than that of other materials, but the price is much lower, and it is suitable for pursuing changing fashion families.

2. The weight-bearing person must adapt to the person who is too fat or too heavy to choose the corresponding load-bearing furniture so as not to fall. When using it, you should also avoid exposure, so that one can accelerate aging, and the other is easy to fade.


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