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Dining room chairs are a furniture staple that helps to set the tone in any dining space. Dining chairs can accent your dining room and provide elegant seating for a space that can be one of the more formal rooms in the house. To ensure that you can find the ideal seating for your space, we carry a selection of well over 2,000 different choices in various sizes, styles, and finishes.

Many of our dining chairs are made of wood styled in one of an assortment of stains or paint colors, but there are also metal and upholstered options which can complement many types décor. Upholstery can be a great way to help coordinate your new chairs with any existing furniture or color schemes. We offer a wide number of choices of upholstered dining chairs in a range of colors, patterns, and materials. The most common material options include fabric, microfiber, and leather or faux-leather options. Fabric gives you a lot more freedom in terms of coordinating colors and patterns, while microfiber and leather add great durability with their ability to simply wipe clean after a spill.

Another option to consider when choosing your dining chairs is whether you would like ones with or without arms. Dining chairs that have arms can make a dining space seem more formal, but can also take up a bit more room or may bump into the edge of the table if you aren’t careful to measure and choose chairs with arms of just the right height. Armless dining chairs, sometimes referred to as parsons chairs, are a versatile option that can add a stately element to any dining set without making it seem too formal. Many people will also choose to have a combination of armed and armless chairs, with the arm chairs at either end of a table. If you are looking for a more unique or versatile option you may also want to consider our selection dining benches that can add style to any dining space. Or, if you would prefer a pre-matched table and chair set to make coordination easy, we also carry many options of dining room sets to keep your dining area cohesive. Regardless of which option you go with, you are sure to find exactly the pieces you need at LEMSX.com.


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